External Links Not Working [closed]

This question is really too localized to get a solid answer and will most likely get closed. Here’s a quick guide to narrow down what the issue is – but the fact that I can click the links just fine and you can’t makes it sound like an issue with your system and not necessarily WordPress:

            Site Broken?
          /              \
        Nope        Enable Debugging
        /                   \
    Carry on        Site still broken?
                    /           \
                  Nope       Disable All Plugin
                  /                 \
              Carry On          Site still broken?
                                /       \
                            Nope        Switch to default theme
                            /           Like Twenty Sixteen Theme
                        Enable Plugins One  \
                        By One to find the   \
                        culprit. Uninstall    \
                                            Site still broken?
                                            /   \
                                         Nope   Reinstall WordPress and
                                          /     Contact your provider
                                    Find new theme

In case the above tree isn’t clear, follow these steps:

  1. Enable Debugging
  2. Disable Plugins
    1. If this solves your issue, enable plugins one by one and find the culprit, disable that plugin or contact the plugin developer.
  3. Switch to the default theme
    1. If this solves your issue then you know the theme is the problem which helps narrow it down. Find a new theme or contact the theme developer.
  4. Reinstall WordPress
    1. May be a bad install which is solved by reinstalling WordPress
  5. Your hosting provider may know something that we don’t and can help you further.
  6. Try it on a different computer, device, browser.