How to create Temp table with SELECT * INTO tempTable FROM CTE Query

Sample DDL

create table #Temp
    EventID int, 
    EventTitle Varchar(50), 
    EventStartDate DateTime, 
    EventEndDate DatetIme, 
    EventEnumDays int,
    EventStartTime Datetime,
    EventEndTime DateTime, 
    EventRecurring Bit, 
    EventType int

;WITH Calendar
AS (SELECT /*...*/)

Insert Into #Temp
Select EventID, EventStartDate, EventEndDate, PlannedDate as [EventDates], Cast(PlannedDate As datetime) AS DT, Cast(EventStartTime As time) AS ST,Cast(EventEndTime As time) AS ET, EventTitle
,EventType from Calendar
where (PlannedDate >= GETDATE()) AND ',' + EventEnumDays + ',' like '%,' + cast(datepart(dw, PlannedDate) as char(1)) + ',%'
    or EventEnumDays is null

Make sure that the table is deleted after use

If(OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#temp') Is Not Null)
    Drop Table #Temp

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