How to Rename a Unity Project?

To change Unity project name:

  1. Change the unity project folder name (the parent folder of ‘Assets’ folder)
  2. Remove any file with .sln or .csproj suffixes under the project folder. (Unity will regenerate them)

Does changing the project name change the game’s name (the name that appears on top left corner of the game window)?

No! To change the game’s name go to Edit > Project Settings > Player > Product Name and change it to the new name.

Does changing project name change the name of the game’s executable file?

No! when it comes to create a build for your game (by File > Build Settings), Unity asks you about the file name. That name becomes the name of your executable file (on PC).

How do I open the project after doing all this?

In the top right of the Unity launcher, click ‘Open’. Find and select the project folder (i.e. parent folder of the ‘Assets’ folder) and click ‘Select Folder’. The project opens in the Unity Editor.

Does this technique work in Unity v5.6.3?


Does this technique work in Unity v2017.2.0b6 ?

Partially! Step1 (Renaming the project folder name & deleting the .csproj & .sln files) still works, However Step2 (Edit > Project Settings > Player > Product Name) does not retain changes to Product Name or Company name for some reason (most likely a bug)

Step 2 (Change Game Name) Workaround:

-Close Unity.
-Directly edit those field values inside the ProjectSettings\ProjectSettings.asset file with your favourite text editor.

-Open Unity, confirm field has changed in Edit > Project Settings > Player > Product Name

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