Unable to access answers.unity.com [closed]

Unity’s License of AnswersHub, the back-end that supports the answers.unity.com has expired. This has nothing to do with your personal/enterprise license of Unity or your Unity account. Once Unity renews their License of AnswersHub, we will be able to access it again.

What Language is Used To Develop Using Unity

As far as I know, you can go with c#. You can also use the obscure language “Boo”. (Found at https://boo-language.github.io/) In the past (before about 2012) it was possible to use a strange variant of Java but that is now deprecated and does not work. Note that Unity builds to Android / iOS, and …

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How to download Unity dots (entity package) with unity 2020.3 LTS?

From Entity Component System – DOTS Project Setup Starting with Unity 2020.1, the DOTS packages are not listed in the package manager, even when preview packages are enabled. There are two alternative options to install those packages: You can use “Add package from git URL…” under the + menu at the top left of the package manager to add packages either …

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