JavaScript console.log causes error: “Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated…”

This happened to me when I was being lazy and included a script tag as part of the content that was being returned. As such:

Partial HTML Content:

<script src="/scripts/script.js"></script> 

It appears, at least in my case, that if you return HTML content like that via xhr, you will cause jQuery to make a call to get that script. That call happens with an async flag false since it assumes you need the script to continue loading.

In situations like this one you’d be better served by looking into a binding framework of some kind and just returning a JSON object, or depending on your backend and templating you could change how you load your scripts.

You could also use jQuery’s getScript() to grab relevant scripts. Here is a fiddle, It’s just a straight copy of the jQuery example, but I’m not seeing any warnings thrown when scripts are loaded that way.


var url = "/scripts/script.js";

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