Remove custom meta boxes from custom post type

Off the top of my head, without actually testing it, this should work. You want to test for is_admin so we don’t go running the code on the front end, then also test for the post type being equal to its slug. Edited this because I made a silly mistake before.

Reference this page of the Codex:

if( is_admin() ) {
    remove_meta_box('linktargetdiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('linkxfndiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('linkadvanceddiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('postexcerpt', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('trackbacksdiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('postcustom', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('commentstatusdiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('commentsdiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('revisionsdiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('authordiv', '$posttype', 'normal');
    remove_meta_box('sqpt-meta-tags', '$posttype', 'normal');