run a for loop in parallel in R

Thanks for your feedback. I did look up parallel after I posted this question.

Finally after a few tries, I got it running. I have added the code below in case it is useful to others


#setup parallel backend to use many processors
cl <- makeCluster(cores[1]-1) #not to overload your computer

finalMatrix <- foreach(i=1:150000, .combine=cbind) %dopar% {
   tempMatrix = functionThatDoesSomething() #calling a function
   #do other things if you want

   tempMatrix #Equivalent to finalMatrix = cbind(finalMatrix, tempMatrix)
#stop cluster

Note – I must add a note that if the user allocates too many processes, then user may get this error: Error in serialize(data, node$con) : error writing to connection

Note – If .combine in the foreach statement is rbind , then the final object returned would have been created by appending output of each loop row-wise.

Hope this is useful for folks trying out parallel processing in R for the first time like me.


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