Custom post type category pages pagination returns 404

The issue I’m having is with the pagination on category pages, e.g. /release-notes/category/upgrades/, where pages 2 and beyond return a 404. That’s because your custom rewrite rule does not support paged requests, i.e. it’s missing the RegEx ( regular expression pattern ) and query for the paged parameter. So you can either add another rewrite … Read more

How to navigate to a non-wordpress page in a wordpress install without getting a 404 error?

If you are using the standard htaccess file (below), any non-WP page will be displayed before the WP htaccess lines are executed. This is because the standard htaccess file checks for ‘not a file’ and ‘not a directory’ to redirect to the WP content. Standard htaccess file below (see # BEGIN WordPress RewriteEngine On … Read more