Conditional Content Linked to Cookie Value Only Shows on 2nd Page Load

Since you are relying on the URL parameter to set cookies, why not prioritize it over the cookie for the first page load? At your second code block, changing the line $plan_cookie to this might help. $plan_cookie = isset($_GET[‘plan’]) && !empty($_GET[‘plan’]) ? $_GET[‘plan’] : (isset($_COOKIE[‘plan’]) ? sanitize_text_field($_COOKIE[‘plan’]) : ”);

Modify Post URL Programmatically

When you are using wp_insert_post() there is a param post_name. If you do not pass it then it will sanitise your post title and update. You only have control to add post_name but the full URL is created based on your Permalink settings.

Are the wp entries in these URL’s legitimate?

Those are valid links to approve a comment, trash it, or mark it as spam, and a link to view moderated comments. The #wpbody-content part is just an anchor so that the page scrolls to a certain point when you visit it. There’s nothing inherently harmful or unsafe about those links, but whether or not … Read more

Change post-name when inserting new Post if Specific Category is selected in WP

You can use the wp_insert_post_data filter, and check the post_category array for your category ID. (If $update is false, you’ll know it’s a new post being added, not an existing post being edited.) Something like this should work. add_filter( ‘wp_insert_post_data’, ‘wpse414180_maybe_change_slug’, 10, 4 ); /** * Changes the slug on posts in the Poetry category. … Read more