Conditional JOIN Statement SQL Server

I think what you are asking for will work by joining the Initial table to both Option_A and Option_B using LEFT JOIN, which will produce something like this: Example code: Once you have done this, you ‘ignore’ the set of NULLS. The additional trick here is in the SELECT line, where you need to decide …

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Case statement in MySQL

Yes, something like this: As other answers have pointed out, MySQL also has the IF() function to do this using less verbose syntax. I generally try to avoid this because it is a MySQL-specific extension to SQL that isn’t generally supported elsewhere. CASE is standard SQL and is much more portable across different database engines, and I prefer to …

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Case in Select Statement

I have an SQL statement that has a CASE from SELECT and I just can’t get it right. Can you guys show me an example of CASE where the cases are the conditions and the results are from the cases. For example: where the results show