Cannot access mongodb through browser – It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port

18 I open terminal and enter the following commands which then outputs I open another terminal and enter which open the mongo shell and prompts for mongo commands, but when I go to localhost/27017 I receive the following message: I created a simple nodejs application using express and when I POST data it seems the …

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bodyParser is deprecated express 4

It means that using the bodyParser() constructor has been deprecated, as of 2014-06-19. You now need to call the methods separately And so on. If you’re still getting a warning with urlencoded you need to use The extended config object key now needs to be explicitly passed, since it now has no default value. If you are using Express >= 4.16.0, body parser …

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How do I use HTML as the view engine in Express?

I tried this simple change from the seed and created the corresponding .html files (e.g. index.html). and this file remained the same: but while running I get 500 Error: Cannot find module ‘html’ Is my only option to use ‘ejs’? My intent was to use plain HTML in conjuction with AngularJS.

Advice on loopback.js vs express js

Planning to build an enterprise level application using node js. Have already worked on express js for a few projects. When researching for other possible frameworks, came across loopback js. Loopback.js, a new framework(3-4 years) built over express framework. The initial configuration and set up of the application was so quick, as i able to …

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npm WARN package.json: No repository field

It’s just a check as of NPM v1.2.20, they report this as a warning. However, don’t worry, there are sooooooo many packages which still don’t have the repository field in their package.json. The field is used for informational purposes. In the case you’re a package author, put the repository in your package.json, like this: Read more about the repository field, and see the logged bug for further …

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nodemon not working properly

You’re running express 4, which has the app.listen call in a different file than app.js. The command you’re looking for is nodemon bin/www (localhost and 3000 are not needed in this scenario). In fact, you can even run nodemon with no args, and it’ll read what command needs to be run from scripts.start in package.json (which express generates automatically).