Mongod: Command Not Found (OS X)

I am trying to test MongoDB and I have it all downloaded and moved into the root folder. I can navigate to the folder that holds the mongod, but when I try to run it by typing “mongod” into my terminal, I get a message that says: “mongod: command not found”

Cannot access mongodb through browser – It looks like you are trying to access MongoDB over HTTP on the native driver port

18 I open terminal and enter the following commands which then outputs I open another terminal and enter which open the mongo shell and prompts for mongo commands, but when I go to localhost/27017 I receive the following message: I created a simple nodejs application using express and when I POST data it seems the …

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hat’s a clean way to stop mongod on Mac OS X?

It’s probably because launchctl is managing your mongod instance. If you want to start and shutdown mongod instance, unload that first: Then start mongod manually: You can find your mongod.conf location from ~/Library/LaunchAgents/org.mongodb.mongod.plist. After that, db.shutdownServer() would work just fine. Added Feb 22 2014: If you have mongodb installed via homebrew, homebrew actually has a handy brew services command. To …

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How to drop a database with Mongoose?

There is no method for dropping a collection from mongoose, the best you can do is remove the content of one : But there is a way to access the mongodb native javascript driver, which can be used for this Warning Make a backup before trying this in case anything goes wrong!

Mongo waiting on 27017 even after reinstall

The waiting for connections message in the console output indicates that the mongod.exe process is running successfully. Next you need to connect to MongoDB through mongo.exe shell using another command promt. As soon as you are done with that, the waiting message in first console would change to connection accepted. Hope that helps 🙂