Check from functions.php if function exists in footer.php

You should not declare functions in your templates. The templates are for outputting content. The function_exists() will check if the function is declared before the function_exists() call, not after it, and templates are loaded after functions.php file, since you can control them by using the template_redirect filter. Declare your function in your theme’s functions.php file, …

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Cannot change footer text?

The original theme url here ( ) The theme working by using WordPress hooks You can update this file: sornacommerce\inc\theme-hooks.php on line 438 to 497 Otherwise remove the function on the hook like bellow: remove_action( ‘sornacommerce_site_footer_block’, ‘sornacommerce_site_footer_block’ ); Then add new function to the same hook like bellow: function wpse291732_footer() { // your function …

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add another html tag after li element in wp_nav_menu

When using wp_nav_menu() you can exclude the <ul> tag by setting the items_wrap to only include the list items (%3$s), then you can add your own <li> before or after that, and wrap it with <ul> yourself: <ul class=”footer-links”> <li> <p>copyright C 2021</p> </li> <?php wp_nav_menu( array( ‘menu’ => ‘Footer Navigation Menu’, ‘theme_location’ => ‘top_nav_menu’, …

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WordPress 5.1 upgrade has lost the parent theme JavaScript

I traced this back to the name of the scripts.js JavaScript file. My parent theme (BeTheme) enqueues the main scripts.js like this: wp_enqueue_script(‘mfn-scripts’, get_theme_file_uri(‘/js/scripts.js’), array(‘jquery’), MFN_THEME_VERSION, true); In my child theme crmpiccodotcom/footer.php I enqueue the scripts.js like this: // include the crmpiccodotcom child theme JavaScript add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘crmpiccodotcom_enqueue_scripts’); function crmpiccodotcom_enqueue_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script( ‘custom-script’, CHILD_THEME_URI. ‘/js/scripts.js’, array(‘jquery’) …

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My website is not showing Footer section

Please add below code in your footer.php file above included JavaScript files : <?php if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘footer-1’ ) ){ dynamic_sidebar( ‘footer-1’ ); } if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘footer-2’ ) ){ dynamic_sidebar( ‘footer-2’ ); } if ( is_active_sidebar( ‘footer-3’ ) ){ dynamic_sidebar( ‘footer-3’ ); } ?>

How to fix the footer to the bottom of the screen

The problem you have with your CSS is that you are using .site-footer, but there is not such a class on your website, you should use #colophon instead. #colophon { position: fixed; bottom: 0; left: 0; right: 0; } Check how the white space you mentioned goes on top of the footer.

Getting ACF Field in Page – From the Footer

I have the same issue, the acf get_field() function in footer returned null. Native WP function get_post_meta( get_the_ID(), ‘option_key’, true ) didn’t work to. But when I’ve noticed that get_the_ID() function in footer returned the wrong value because I forgot to reset query after custom WP_Query. So, reset custom WP_Query (wp_reset_query()) or hard code the …

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footer does not respect css stylesheet

It’s just css misunderstanding. if you want to select elementname.classname it means you are selecting elements by type of certain class like in fixed example below, but you’ve put a space between footer and .footer and this way rule expects markup like this <footer> <div class=”footer”></div> </footer> This should work. footer.footer { background-color: #3a9dca; } …

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