Header and Footer options in pages and posts

You can do this by Using template page as well as custom fields. Let us say your custom fields value are 1 and 2 for header your conditions will be. if($header==1) { get_header(1); } else {get_header();} And similarly for footer it will be if($footer==1) { get_footer(1); } else { get_footer(); }

Why are some SVG-images not visible in my footer?

Not sure if you’ve already done this, so forgive me if I’m telling you something you already know. But WordPress doesn’t support SVG Uploads out of the box, so to speak. This is due to security issues that can be created when a user uploads SVGs with malicious code. Mainly, a problem if you let …

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wp_footer content appearing in admin area

That’s because you’re not using add_action correctly, what you’ve written is functionally the same as this: function xyz_footer_print() { echo ‘footer script here’; } $value = xyz_footer_print(); add_action( ‘wp_footer’, $value ); xyz_footer_print() immediately runs the function and returns nothing. As a result your add_action call says that on the wp_footer even, do nothing. So you …

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Footer Missing in website [closed]

Kindly give reference about your task/code, what activity you were doing or what file your were editing in your theme. In general you should go to your front page template and check get_footer(); function. If it’s not there then call that function.

How to Keep footer link remain intact?

If you are releasing a GPL’d theme (which WP requires, but not looking to start the whole GPL debate here) then you can’t prevent someone from removing your footer link. You can ask they they don’t do it. But anyone who’s looking to do so will get around whatever method you employ. a side note: …

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Require Credits Footer

I believe (off of top of head) that theme authors cannot ‘force’ attribution code as part of the theme. The theme must allow for removal of the attributions. (Can’t find the doc standards for this at the moment.) You should be able to edit the theme code that shows the attribution, although that is not …

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How to edit the WordPress footer

There is probably some CSS you can add via Additional CSS (in Theme CUstomization) that you could use. Use the Inspector tool of your browser (F12) to see the CSS ‘class’ element used in the footer. If the class is called ‘the_footer’, then add this to your Additional CSS: .the_footer {color:white; background-color:black;} Adjust it for …

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