Trying to understand max heapify

Here’s what MAX-HEAPIFY does: Given a node at index i whose left and right subtrees are max-heaps, MAX-HEAPIFY moves the node at i down the max-heap until it no longer violates the max-heap property (that is, the node is not smaller than its children). The longest path that a node can take before it is in the proper position …

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Priority queue in .Net

You might like IntervalHeap from the C5 Generic Collection Library. To quote the user guide Class IntervalHeap<T> implements interface IPriorityQueue<T> using an interval heap stored as an array of pairs. The FindMin and FindMax operations, and the indexer’s get-accessor, take time O(1). The DeleteMin, DeleteMax, Add and Update operations, and the indexer’s set-accessor, take time O(log n). In contrast to an ordinary priority queue, an interval heap …

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Is there a Heap in java?

I am porting a C++ library to Java and I need a heap data structure. Is there a standard implementation or will I need to do it myself?