Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in two places

You can find all the details here: IDEA-170117 “objc: Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in both …” warning in Run consoles It’s the old bug in Java on Mac that got triggered by the Java Agent being used by the IDE when starting the app. This message is harmless and is safe to ignore. Oracle developer’s … Read more

Renaming a project in IntelliJ IDEA

You can change the project name, which is the name that is shown in the recent projects list, like so: Go to Project Structure (Ctrl+Alt+Shift+S) → Project Settings / Project → Project name: Please note that this is not to be confused with name of the root module, or folder on the file system, which may or may not … Read more

String index out of bounds exception java

You are calling str.substring(i, j-i) which means substring(beginIndex, endIndex), not substring(beginIndex, lengthOfNewString). One of assumption of this method is that endIndex is greater or equal beginIndex, if not length of new index will be negative and its value will be thrown in StringIndexOutOfBoundsException. Maybe you should change your method do something like str.substring(i, j)? Also if size is length of your str then should probably be