Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in two places

You can find all the details here: IDEA-170117 “objc: Class JavaLaunchHelper is implemented in both …” warning in Run consoles It’s the old bug in Java on Mac that got triggered by the Java Agent being used by the IDE when starting the app. This message is harmless and is safe to ignore. Oracle developer’s … Read more

how to update npm on macOS

Perhaps you have already solved this, but here is what I found when I had exactly this issue. I had 2 versions of npm installed. I verified this as follows: I worked around the issue by updating the path in my bash profile, but would like to know why (how) I ended up with 2 … Read more

Mongod: Command Not Found (OS X)

I am trying to test MongoDB and I have it all downloaded and moved into the root folder. I can navigate to the folder that holds the mongod, but when I try to run it by typing “mongod” into my terminal, I get a message that says: “mongod: command not found”

Alert”Developer tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue.Type your password to allow this.”

The first time you launched XCode, it probably asked you if you wanted to enable Developer Mode on this mac. If you accepted, then it asked you for your password, and you stopped getting this kind of warning. Chances are good that you declined, and now it has to explicitly ask you for permission every … Read more