How to give path to files in plugins folder?

I’d create a function and then use the wp_enqueue_scripts action to add your script to the list; function load_more_scripts() { wp_enqueue_script( ‘tsw-tools-js’, // unique handle name ‘/wp-content/plugins/dl-grid-addons/includes/wp-bakery/tsw/tsw-tools/assets/js/tsw-tools.js’ // path relative to WordPress root directory ); } add_action(‘wp_enqueue_scripts’, ‘load_more_scripts’); More information can be found here:

WP-DBManager Plugin Can’t Find Mysql Path

I solved this with help from the main StackOverflow site. One of the commenters suggested that the open_basedir directive might be set in php.ini – and that was the issue. Here is the open_basedir setting: open_basedir = “/var/www/vhosts/” I created a hard link mysql (could have been a symlink) to /usr/bin/mysql in the /tmp directory … Read more

Back button to previous page and breadcrumbs

For the button behavior, If it’s a one-off use case, you could add custom php conditional to check the referring url $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] and current page/post ID or url. Then, either add a class to the button’s containing div wrapper in the template for hiding via css or directly output/include the button html in the template … Read more

Img src path from wp-admin

Best to use a images folder in your child theme and output like this: $output = sprintf( ‘<img class=”your-class” src=”” alt=”” />’, get_stylesheet_directory_uri() .’/images/image.jpg’, get_the_title( $post->ID ) ); echo $output;