WPML is blocking WP core update

As I wanted to avoid manually installation I have tried changing the permissions of the folder and files inside /www/domains/digitalscreen.com.0/public/wp-content/languages/wpml, but since my 1st option did not work, I had try the 2nd one: I have finally uninstalled all plugins and manually installed the WP core. For this process I have downloaded the files from … Read more

How to find posts that are missing translation? (wpml)

To whom it may concern: finally I found a way – and it turns out to be rather simple: there is a wpml function or actually a filter that checks whether a post or page has a translation or not: wpml_element_has_translations https://wpml.org/wpml-hook/wpml_element_has_translations/ It returns TRUE if a translation exists and FALSE if there is no translation. … Read more

WPML Translate term meta not synced

The trick is the update the original term. wp_update_term($term_id, $taxonomy, []); This will trigger the WPML actions that sync the meta, notice we provided [] so technically we are not updating anything but this is good enough to trigger the sync.

Taxonomy page wpml dropdown not working

The default language selector is pretty crap TBH. I created this function using jQuery, you will have to amend to fit your template. function language_selector(){ $languages = icl_get_languages(‘skip_missing=0&orderby=code’); $current_lang = ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE; if(!empty($languages)) { ?> <div id=”language_list”> <div class=”current”> <img src=”https://wordpress.stackexchange.com/questions/95978/<?php bloginfo(“url’); ?>/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/res/flags/<?php echo ICL_LANGUAGE_CODE; ?>.png” alt=”<?php echo ICL_LANGUAGE_NAME; ?>” /> <?php echo ICL_LANGUAGE_NAME; ?> <i … Read more