Use of undefined constant issue

It’s possible that your $http_host isn’t in the list of possible choices. You can always check first that the ENVIRONMENT constant has actually been defined: if ( defined( ‘ENVIRONMENT’ ) && ‘local’ === ENVIRONMENT ) { define(‘ASSETSDIR’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/assets’); } else { define(‘ASSETSDIR’, $dist_dir . ‘/assets’); }

Override plugin constant using a theme

You won’t be able to replace it at all if the plugin is not checking whether the constant has already been defined using if ( defined( ‘MAX_THINGS’ ) ). By definition constants can’t be overwritten, so this check is necessary to make a value ‘pluggable’. Adding @ to define() will suppress the error but it …

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Insert functions-defined constant into get_tags code

I think this is what you are going for: $html .= “<a href=”{$tag_link}” title=”{$tag->name} {$xyz_city}” class=”{$tag->slug}”>”; The {$tag->name} part is a way to insert a function or variable into a “double quoted” string definition. In the case of {$tag->name} it needs the {curly braces} to get the whole object->method thing to work. You can usually …

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Can’t Access Constant from within Included File

The Problem here is that the Template Files get processed before the wp_footer action, so your constant is not defined at that stage. Just to be sure, try hooking your constructor of the class to an action that is called earlier, I don’t really know how early you need it, but try init. You could …

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