Wait .5 seconds before continuing code VB.net

I have a code and I want it to wait somewhere in the middle before going forward. After the WebBrowser1.Document.Window.DomWindow.execscript(“checkPasswordConfirm();”,”JavaScript”) I want it to wait .5 seconds and then do the rest of the code.

VB6 to VB.net conversion

There is one that comes with vb.net. When you open a .vbp vb6 project, it asks if you would like to automatically convert it to vb.net. It does a pretty good job, exclusive of third party add-ons.

How to use \n new line in VB msgbox() …?

for VB: vbCrLf or vbNewLine for VB.NET: Environment.NewLine or vbCrLf or Constants.vbCrLf Info on VB.NET new line: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/system.environment.newline.aspx The info for Environment.NewLine came from Cody Gray and J Vermeire

lists and arrays in VBA

You will have to change some of your data types but the basics of what you just posted could be converted to something similar to this given the data types I used may not be accurate. Collections cannot be sorted so if you need to sort data you will probably want to use an array. …

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