Wait .5 seconds before continuing code VB.net

I have a code and I want it to wait somewhere in the middle before going forward. After the WebBrowser1.Document.Window.DomWindow.execscript(“checkPasswordConfirm();”,”JavaScript”) I want it to wait .5 seconds and then do the rest of the code.

wait(null) and wait(&status) C language and Status

If you call wait(NULL) (wait(2)), you only wait for any child to terminate. With wait(&status) you wait for a child to terminate but you want to know some information about it’s termination. You can know if the child terminate normally with WIFEXITED(status) for example. status contains information about processes that you can check with some already defined MACRO.

How does wait(NULL) exactly work?

wait(NULL) will block parent process until any of its children has finished. If child terminates before parent process reaches wait(NULL) then the child process turns to a zombie process until its parent waits on it and its released from memory. If parent process doesn’t wait for its child, and parent finishes first, then the child process becomes orphan and is …

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