Override default options in plugin metaboxes

as example of js code that will run on every new post page function admin_footer_se_119285(){ ?> jQuery(window).ready(function(){ if (jQuery(‘#metabox-id-div’).length == 1){ // put your code } }) <?php } ?> Take a look to usefull reference to admin_footer-(plugin_page) action hook

Fire an event after Featured Image selection

I figure it out. This may be a bad solution but atleast it works $(‘.inside’).bind(‘DOMNodeInserted DOMNodeDeleted’, function(event) { //WRITE WHAT YOU NEED TO DO} Inside a file abhiScript.js (could be any filename 🙂 ) and wp_enqueue_script( ‘SimpleScript’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘/assets/js/abiScript.js’,array(‘jquery’)); in function.php

How to enqueue script before jQuery? [duplicate]

If I understood you correctly: This might help you out: Using requirejs with wordpress If you are just trying to enqueue requirejs with jquery: Look at this documentation: WordPress Enqueue Scripts Documentation So in your case it would look something like this: wp_enqueue_script( ‘script’, get_template_directory_uri() . ‘PATH TO YOUR REQUIREJS FILE’, array ( ‘jquery’ ), …

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How to Supply Console Logs Data into the WooCommerce Cart?

After doing lots of research I got my result with below code. To achieve final result I have to install WC Fields Factory plugin and pass dynamic value using console log or variable def Use this code under .js file and make sure it’s getting trigger when button is getting click. $w.event.subscribe(“item.book.click”, function(item) { $(‘[name=”room_type”]’)[0].value …

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Generate dynamic ID’s for each accordion button

I was able to solve this problem with using the jQuery closest method.I had to nest the button inside the container so the function would be able to return the first ancestor of that particular button element that is clicked. $(“.toggle-button”).on(“click”, function() { $(this).closest(‘.collapse-group’).find(‘.wpsm_panel-collapse’).collapse(‘toggle’); });

shortcode execution when the page is opened

No, shortcodes do not work this way as they are parsed on the server-side and replaced with the relevant content before the page is sent over to the visitor’s browser. What you could do is to place the shortcode within a hidden element (like a <div>), then have JavaScript/jQuery unhide the hidden element’s content when …

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