Problems with draft website pages

Possibly yes, possibly no. I would recommend setting them to private and published so that you can see links working. Drafts cannot be selected as menu links, nor do they have permalinks until they’re published (only the shortlinks and only while logged in), so that is why they aren’t working. If you’re afraid of taking …

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How to store the_post_thumbnail() value in a variable

With a tiny bit of research, I’m pretty sure you could have created this yourself: $featimage = wp_get_attachment_image_src( get_post_thumbnail_id($post->ID), ‘full’ )[0]; $printable_url=”<img src=”” . $featimage . ‘”>’; echo $printable_url; Edit: Since PHP 5 is defunct, you can reference the first node in the array ([0]) directly. No need for intermediate storage of the full array.

Refresh Customize Section (not preview)

It depends what “update” means. If you want just to hide or show the control, (like how WordPress sidebar area is appearing and disappearing when the sidebar is present or not) then you can use the active_callback parameter of the customize_control like this. Edit: Also, active_callback works on sections and panels too. If you want …

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