using jquery autocomplete in wordpress plugin

Auto complete is most likely not working on the extra fields because they are added with javascript dynamically, and when you make your javascript .autocomplete() call, it runs on page load. Your dynamically created fields do not exist yet to have autocomplete hooked with them. Try this. jQuery(document).on(“keydown”, “.post_email_repeatable”, function(){ jQuery(this).autocomplete({ source: “get_posts.php”, minLength: 1 …

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Tags as autocomplete values

if(isset($_GET[‘get_tags’])): $output = array(); foreach(get_terms(‘post_tag’) as $key => $term): // filter by $_GET[‘q’] here if you need to, // for eg. if(strpos($term->name, $_GET[‘q’]) !== false)… $output[$key][‘value’] = $key; $output[$key][‘name’] = $term->name; endforeach; header(“Content-type: application/json”); echo json_encode($output); die(); endif; in this case your js would be something like: $(“#input_1_3”).autoSuggest( “”, {selectedItemProp: “name”, searchObjProps: “name”});