Understand the Find() function in Beautiful Soup

soup.find("div", {"class":"real number"})['data-value']

Here you are searching for a div element, but the span has the “real number” class in your example HTML data, try instead:

soup.find("span", {"class": "real number", "data-value": True})['data-value']

Here we are also checking for presence of data-value attribute.

To find elements having “real number” or “fake number” classes, you can make a CSS selector:

for elm in soup.select(".real.number,.fake.number"):

To get the 69% value:

soup.find("div", {"class": "percentage good"}).get_text(strip=True)

Or, a CSS selector:

soup.select_one(".score .percentage").get_text(strip=True)

Or, locating the h6 element having Audit score text and then getting the preceding sibling:

soup.find("h6", text="Audit score").previous_sibling.get_text(strip=True)

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