Alert”Developer tools access needs to take control of another process for debugging to continue.Type your password to allow this.”

The first time you launched XCode, it probably asked you if you wanted to enable Developer Mode on this mac. If you accepted, then it asked you for your password, and you stopped getting this kind of warning.

Chances are good that you declined, and now it has to explicitly ask you for permission every time it tries to do lots of common developer tasks.

Enabling “Developer Mode” has nothing to do with having an actual iOS developer account with Apple, it’s merely a loosening of security restrictions on your mac. Effectively you are giving your mac permission to not ask you for a password during common developer tasks.

You can enable developer mode by opening terminal and typing this:

DevToolsSecurity -enable

It should prompt for your password, then you’ll likely have to log out and back in for the setting to take effect.

That should stop the warnings!


those of you averse to the command line can find similar functionality in the organizer window

Open the Organizer window in XCode (Shift Apple 2) and within the “Devices” tab you’ll see “My Mac” listed. You can enable and disable developer mode with the click of a button there.

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