Git : fatal: Could not read from remote repository. Please make sure you have the correct access rights and the repository exists

I asked in the discussion:

does ssh -T [email protected] ouput the same username (in Hi [My Username]!) as in the one used for the ssh url of your repo ([email protected]:username/repo.git)?

Sorry It not showing same name

That means somehow the credentials have changed.

One solution would be to at least copy %HOME%\.ssh\ in the SSH keys section of the right GitHub account

The OP adds:

I am working on private repo. So In [email protected]:username/repo.git,

I replied:

If you were able to clone/push to that repo whose username is not your own GitHub account, that must be because you had your previous public ssh key added as a contributor to that repo by the repo’s owner.

What next is to ask that same repo owner to add your current public ssh key %HOME%\.ssh\ to the repo contributor list.
So check with the owner that you (meaning your public ssh key) are declared as a contributor.

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