GitHub: invalid username or password

https://[email protected]/eurydyce/MDANSE.git is not an ssh url, it is an https one (which would require your GitHub account name, instead of ‘git‘).

Try to use ssh://[email protected]:eurydyce/MDANSE.git or just [email protected]:eurydyce/MDANSE.git

git remote set-url origin [email protected]:eurydyce/MDANSE.git

The OP Pellegrini Eric adds:

That’s what I did in my ~/.gitconfig file that contains currently the following entries [remote "origin"] [email protected]:eurydyce/MDANSE.git

This should not be in your global config (the one in ~/).
You could check git config -l in your repo: that url should be declared in the local config: <yourrepo>/.git/config.

So make sure you are in the repo path when doing the git remote set-url command.

As noted in Oliver‘s answer, an HTTPS URL would not use username/password if two-factor authentication (2FA) is activated.

In that case, the password should be a PAT (personal access token) as seen in “Using a token on the command line“.

That applies only for HTTPS URLS, SSH is not affected by this limitation.

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