Must declare the scalar variable

You can’t concatenate an int to a string. Instead of:

SET @sql = N'DECLARE @Rt int; SET @Rt = ' + @RowTo;

You need:

SET @sql = N'DECLARE @Rt int; SET @Rt = ' + CONVERT(VARCHAR(12), @RowTo);

To help illustrate what’s happening here. Let’s say @RowTo = 5.

DECLARE @RowTo int;
SET @RowTo = 5;

DECLARE @sql nvarchar(max);
SET @sql = N'SELECT ' + CONVERT(varchar(12), @RowTo) + ' * 5';
EXEC sys.sp_executesql @sql;

In order to build that into a string (even if ultimately it will be a number), I need to convert it. But as you can see, the number is still treated as a number when it’s executed. The answer is 25, right?

In your case you can use proper parameterization rather than use concatenation which, if you get into that habit, you will expose yourself to SQL injection at some point (see this and this:

SET @sql = @sql + ' WHERE RowNum BETWEEN @RowFrom AND @RowTo;';

EXEC sys.sp_executesql @sql,
  N'@RowFrom int, @RowTo int',
  @RowFrom, @RowTo;

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