How can I design a class named allergy?

1 requirement: design a class named allergy that provides information about the allergy of a patient. e.g. who reported the allergy(patient/doctor/relative), different symptoms of the allergy that are detected, severity, method that returns when was that allergy detected in that patient. I am thinking of something like this: Is this a good design of the …

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What does the variable $this mean in PHP?

It’s a reference to the current object, it’s most commonly used in object oriented code. Reference: Primer: Example: This stores the ‘Jack’ string as a property of the object created.

Class Declarations for temperature program in Java

You need a Temperature class. I’m just guessing that you’ve added those methods to the TempProg considering the improper “constructor”. What you need is another class all together like so… The constructor should not return a value. It should look like… public Temperature(), or some variation depending on your specific requirements.

Could not find or load main class with a Jar File

I’m trying to load a jar using With the manifest of In the Jar directory, I can clearly see a classes\TestClass file when I extract it. Edit: classes.TestClass does have a public static void main(String[] args). Package Deceleration in classes.TestClass is package classes; But I still keep getting the error message I’ve been through everything …

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Error: invalid use of member in static member function

I have two classes, and this is the header of one of them: I am calling Wrapper::set_screen(screen) from another file and I get this error: I also get a similar error for the definition of every single function on Wrapper.cpp, for example: On compile: I know it’s related to the class being static and thus …

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error: no member function declared in class

I keep getting the following errors from my code: (line 58) error: no ‘std::string Person::Modify_Person(Person)’ member function declared in class ‘Person’ In function ‘int main()’: (line 113) error: ‘Modify_Person’ was not declared in this scope Here is the code:

istream and ostream problem – C++

Make sure you include fstream. Also, put “std::” before ostream or put “using namespace std” somewhere. It would help if you posted the code, as right now I’m just guessing based on common mistakes. I would guess you forgot to include fstream because different compilers may use different header files and it may be the …

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