Allow Html pages for users with specific roles

You could save the HTML files in the theme with .php extensions and a short comment at the top naming each template, then either put the check-for-certain-role conditional within the php files and apply each template to a Page you create in wp-admin; or create a custom post type, apply each template to a CPT …

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custom REST endpoints and application passwords

If you want to use application passwords to authenticate requests to your RESTful endpoints, you can modify your permission_callback function to check for the presence and validity of an application password instead of a user’s credentials. To do this, you can use the wp_check_application_passwords function, which was introduced in WordPress 5.6. This function takes an …

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wp_signon by user’s login by their particular role

/* Add code below wp_set_auth_cookie( $user->ID, true, false ); */ $current_user = wp_get_current_user(); if($current_user->roles[0]==’personal_account’){ wp_redirect(site_url(‘/profile’)); }else if($current_user->roles[0]==’corporate_user’){ wp_redirect(site_url(‘/corporate-profile’)); }