HTML to WORDPRESS [closed]

Designing in plain ‘ol HTML and CSS could make easier. However, there are many features of the WordPress framework that you’ll miss out on. Read some of the WP documentation in the Codex to begin with: I will also draw your attention to the body class attribute, which I find extremely useful when designing …

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Converting dreamweaver to WordPress

Just design it on Photoshop ( or any graphics program) and then convert it to WordPress, there is no need for any middle coding in this situation. GOOD graphics —>WordPress BAD graphics–>dreamweaver—> WordPress

How to style first post differently and wrap the others in their own container

If you are trying to style the first post with different HTML and others with other HTML structures. Then this code may help. <div class=”dpe-flexible-posts row”> <?php $firstQuery = new WP_Query(‘showposts=1’); if ( $firstQuery->have_posts() ) { while ( $firstQuery->have_posts() ) { $firstQuery->the_post(); ?> <div <?php post_class(‘col-8’); ?>> <div class=”dpe-flexible-posts-inner magB30″> <div class=”post-thumbnail”> <a href=”<?php echo …

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Create similar website to link given [closed]

Having developed something similar recently. Here´s my personal experience: Depending on the budget you can either sub-contract someone to develop the entire system from scratch as a custom theme + plugin or use existing plugins and combine them together to save your customer money and get a result quicker. In any case, I advise you …

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