How to add the Author on my RSS Feed

It actually is working, though FeedBurner doesn’t include it in the HTML page. When I add it to a feed reader, the authors show up. I’m not completely familiar with FeedBurner, perhaps there’s a settings for that?

Does the FD Feedburner plugin create feeds for categories

I think this is how it works: You need to manually create feeds in for categories. You can use a URL like this: In wordpress you would create the main feed in the FD Feedburner plugin: Choose the option: Append category/tag to URL for category/tag feeds … Now when you select a … Read more

Feedburner closing error

The issue is likely that you have an improperly formatted post or headline in your XML feed that is breaking Feedburner. You should verify that your HTML tags are all properly closed in your first 10 posts.

HTTPS for every page except for feeds

Just an idea. I use rewrite rules to serve my WP blogs over TLS/SSL only. In wordpress I set the url to https:// as well. Might be worth a try to set the blog url to http// and create a rewrite rule (apache/nginx) to use https except the url contains /feed. Not tested.