I had removed my phone number from my website footer, but months later it still appears once I look it up on google, how to remove it?

It usually takes several days (or more) for search results to be updated. First step would be to look at every single page of your site and check for the correct phone number. Then create a new sitemap.xml file, and submit that to the various search engines (like via Google Webmaster Tools). Many articles available … Read more

Virus injected to my wordpress site

Although hacked sites are not within scope here (and your question will be closed because of that policy), there are questions here about hacked sites that have answers that will be helpful (I’ve written a couple of them). Cleanup is time-consuming, but possible. Generally – Change passwords on everything, including your admin-level user and hosting … Read more

How to improve WordPress website SEO and traffic, and or fix SEO issues

Improving the SEO of a WordPress website and increasing traffic to the site can be achieved through a variety of methods, including: Optimizing content: Create high-quality, unique, and relevant content that includes keywords and meta descriptions. Use of Keyword-rich permalinks: Make sure that your permalinks are keyword-rich, rather than using the default number-based permalinks. Optimize … Read more