How to enable truly anonymous posting in bbPress forums? [closed]

When we post an empty anonymous reply, we get the following errors: The part of BBPress that’s responsible for handling this, is the bbp_new_reply_handler() function, in the file /bbpress/includes/replies/functions.php. It contains these lines that are of interest to us: // User is anonymous if ( bbp_is_anonymous() ) { // Filter anonymous data $anonymous_data = bbp_filter_anonymous_post_data(); …

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BuddyPress group filter

BuddyPress allows you to add custom filters for members, groups, blogs, and activities. There’s a thorough documentation on how to add custom filters to loops and I’d recommend you to check it out. There’s a lot of example code that should help you get started.

Force buddypress groups to be private [closed]

In your theme or child theme, create an over-ride of this file: buddypress\bp-templates\bp-legacy\buddypress\groups\create.php Then adjust the form markup so that only the Private group radio button is created and it is checked. Creating theme over-rides:

Sessions in word press [duplicate]

Note, Session must start before header is sent. So you should try – <?php if( !session_id() ){ if( headers_sent() ){ die(‘headers already sent, cant start session’); } else{ session_start(); } } // check existence, or not below 1 if( !isset($_SESSION[‘impression’]) || $_SESSION[‘impression’] < 1 ){ $_SESSION[‘impression’] = 100; } // decrease the value by one …

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buddypress slug issues [closed]

I know this is not the correct way and you should always edit the template but i just edited the core buddy press navigation function. You will see below the google link I added. function bp_get_displayed_user_nav() { global $bp; foreach ( (array) $bp->bp_nav as $user_nav_item ) { if ( empty( $user_nav_item[‘show_for_displayed_user’] ) && !bp_is_my_profile() ) …

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Is There A List Of What Buddypress Template Files Go Where And What They’re To Be Renamed?

This answer is for Buddypress 1.7. No idea how much of it, if any, still applies to the current version (2.8+) Here’s an as of yet incomplete listing of what files go where. I’ll update it as I get more into theming buddypress sites. The official ‘hints’ page can be found here.. If you …

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