After adding my website to a new server, I keep getting a unexpected end of file error, but the file is identitcal to it’s original source

So the issue has already been resolved via the comments and the current state of the question already includes the corrected code. But I thought I should post this answer as a reminder for you, me and everyone reading this. 🙂 So first off, here’s a helpful excerpt from an article on WP Engine: The …

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buddypress remove username from autocomplete

Try this but note that it may not send the message: ‘<span id=”%s” href=”#”></span><img src=”%s” style=”width: 15px”> %s %s’ . “\n”, esc_attr( ‘link-‘ . $user->ID ), esc_url( $user->image ), esc_html( $user->name ), ‘ ‘ Or this: ‘<span id=”%s” href=”#”></span><img src=”%s” style=”width: 15px”> %s’ . “\n”, esc_attr( ‘link-‘ . $user->ID ), esc_url( $user->image ), esc_html( $user->name …

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Problem Implementing parallax in header of bp-default theme

First off — When including Javascript, use a function hooked to the init action in functions.php. See: Secondly — The CSS for the BP bar is being effected by something in your theme. If fixing how your Javascript is loading first doesn’t fix that issue, try selecting that object in Firebug (Or Chrome’s developer …

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how to list all subdomain in wordpress multiuser

take a look at this plugin : Multi-Site Site List Shortcode or if you prefer a snippet then: $blog_list = get_blog_list( 0, ‘all’ ); if (count($blog_list) > 1){ echo ‘<ul>’; foreach ($blog_list AS $blog) { echo ‘<li>Blog ‘.$blog[‘blog_id’].’: ‘.$blog[‘domain’].$blog[‘path’].'</li>’; } echo ‘</ul>’ }

Conditional tags to differentiate between profiles and activity with buddypress [closed]

Your problem may be the choice of bp_is_user_profile(). This only returns true when you are literally looking at the xprofile component – the ‘Profile’ tab of a user’s page. bp_is_user() is more general, returning true whenever you’re viewing a user page (even if it’s user activity, user groups, etc). [EDIT] After further discussion with the …

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