Use Notepad++ as HEX-Editor

It seems to me you tried to install a hex editor and ended up in the wrong tool (Plug-In) Converter (ASCII -> HEX) as mentioned in your question above.

The installation process of the HexEditor is somewhat confusing because it is currently available only in the Plugins Admin for the 32-bit version.

A simple solution is to install a Notepad++ x32 version on a USB stick (e.g. using PortableApps).

But, and thanks to Peter Jones, here is a download link to the x64 version. and explanation to actually perform the manual install:

  • unzip the appropriate downloaded zipfile and open that containing folder (or have the zipfile open in windows explorer)
  • In Notepad++, use Plugins > Open Plugins Folder.
  • In the newly-opened plugins folder, add a subfolder HexEditor.
  • Copy the HexEditor.dll from the zipfile into the HexEditor subfolder… so it should be at ...\notepad++\plugins\HexEditor\HexEditor.dll
  • Close all open windows of Notepad++.
  • Restart Notepad++ again.
  • HexEditor should be available in the Plugins menu, and HexEditor.dll should be listed in the ? > Debug Info plugins list.

Successfully tested by Notepad++ Version 7.8.5 64bit on Windows 10. For further information see the links above. Please note a UAC problem, i.e. run Notepad++ as Administrator.

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