Warning in GLM analysis

You most likely have a problem with complete or quasi-complete separation: for some combination of your predictors you observed only successes of failures. That is a quite common phenomenon for logistic regression in small samples or if you have large parameter spaces.

There are several implementations that add a small penalty to the likelihood in order to get estimates for all parameters. Look up Firth logistic regression. In R that can be handled by the logistf() function from the logistf package.


glm(factor(data$B) ~ value,family="binomial", data = .)

in your code with

logistf(factor(data$B) ~ value, data = .)

and you should be up and running. (Remember to load the package first).

It should be noted that separation is not necessarily a problem in and of itself. Only if you want parameter estimates.

You can actually see the separation problem if you tabulate B against G:

xtabs(~ B + G, data=data)

This produces

B   k r s u
  f 9 6 0 0
  m 0 0 9 9

So you can see that if you know, say, G then you know the outcome of B.

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