What’s your workflow for converting a static HTML website to WordPress? [closed]

For Case 1: Building from scratch

  • First you need to create the Theme Stylesheet called style.css for registering the theme.
  • Then create the index.php file form your raw HTML index file.
  • After that break down the index.php into header.php, index.php and foter.php to create the primary scaffolding for your theme.
  • Then create

    • functions.php
    • archive.php
    • page.php
    • single.php
    • search.php
    • comments.php
    • front-page.php
    • home.php
    • date.php
    • author.php
    • category.php
    • tag.php
    • attachment.php
    • image.php
    • 404.php
    • rtl.css
  • Now create a directory called assets and create two more folder called js and css. Put your themes CSS and JavaScript files on those directories

  • After that enqueue those files in functions.php with wp_enqueue_style() and wp_enqueue_script() function.
  • And your full scaffolding is done here. Now you’re ready to write your loops and related HTML to your theme. From here after you follow standard procedure according to WordPress convention to write your theme.

For Case 2: Using starter theme such as _s

For any starter theme all the scaffolding is already done. So you can start putting you CSS and JavaScript codes in the *.css and *.js files given with the starter theme and you can manipulate the loops as well as other codes comes with the starter theme. If we break down the process it would be like-

  • Install the starter theme.
  • Put your CSS codes in the *.css file and *.js file.
  • Start manipulating the theme files for getting your design and functionality.

For both case it would be great if you import the Theme Unit Test data provided by WordPress.