Add custom ID to WooCommerce product tab

Looking at tabs.php in WooCommerce, the id attribute is prefixed with tab-title- and uses the key from the array of tabs. This means if you do $tabs['wptricksdk'] = array( ... ), the value of the tab’s id attribute would be tab-title-wptricksdk. Mixing numerical keys and string keys in arrays can get messy, but I think this should be okay.

If that’s not what you want, then you’ll need to use JavaScript to manipulate the document. This is probably not recommended, but ultimately up to you. Would be something like this after the tab’s markup has printed (untested):

document.querySelector( '#tab-title-wptricksdk' ).setAttribute( 'id', 'wptricksdk' );

Note that this may break WooCommerce’s JavaScript functionality.