c++ Read from .csv file

You can follow this answer to see many different ways to process CSV in C++.

In your case, the last call to getline is actually putting the last field of the first line and then all of the remaining lines into the variable genero. This is because there is no space delimiter found up until the end of file. Try changing the space character into a newline instead:

    getline(file, genero, file.widen('\n'));

or more succinctly:

    getline(file, genero);

In addition, your check for file.good() is premature. The last newline in the file is still in the input stream until it gets discarded by the next getline() call for ID. It is at this point that the end of file is detected, so the check should be based on that. You can fix this by changing your while test to be based on the getline() call for ID itself (assuming each line is well formed).

while (getline(file, ID, ',')) {
    cout << "ID: " << ID << " " ; 

    getline(file, nome, ',') ;
    cout << "User: " << nome << " " ;

    getline(file, idade, ',') ;
    cout << "Idade: " << idade << " "  ; 

    getline(file, genero);
    cout << "Sexo: " <<  genero<< " "  ;

For better error checking, you should check the result of each call to getline().

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