getline() will read one line of text. It can’t read directly an int. This is why you get your error message.

You have to be aware that there are two getline(). There is one which is istream::getline() and std::getline(). Both have different signatures. The first is a member function of a stream and is defined in the stream header; the latter is defined in the <string> header.

But pay attention: the return value of std::getline() is not an int ! It’s a stream reference. This is why you get a second compiler error.

Finally if you want to read an integer x, it’s easier to use extractors:

int value; 
fruitFile >> value; 
fruitFile.ignore(SIZE_MAX, '\n');   // in case you'd need to go to next line

Or if you really want to read an int in a full line:

string line;
getline(fruitFile, line); 
stringstream sst(line);     // creates a string stream: a stream that takes line as input
sst >> value;      

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