How to use multiple values in “Shortcode”? [closed]

You can combine these two shortcodes into one by using a custom shortcode that includes both of them:

function custom_shortcode() {

    // Get the wpcode shortcode output
    $wpcode_output = do_shortcode('[wpcode id="2658"]');

    // Get the wpdiscuz_comments shortcode output
    $wpdiscuz_output = do_shortcode('[wpdiscuz_comments]');

    // Combine the two outputs into a single output
    $output .= $wpcode_output . $wpdiscuz_output;

    // Return the combined output
    return $output;
add_shortcode('custom_shortcode', 'custom_shortcode');

Please note: The way to pass values to a shortcode can vary depending on the specific shortcode and the plugin or theme that provides it.