ORA-01747: invalid user.table.column, table.column, or column specification

Unquoted identifiers must begin with an alphabetic character (see rule 6 here). You’re trying to assign a value to a column with a name starting with a number 1AO001AP00 etc.

Without seeing the table definition for CustomersPriceGroups we don’t know if it has columns with those names. If it does then they must have been created as quoted identifiers. If so you’ll have to refer to them (everywhere) with quotes, which is not ideal – makes the code a bit harder to read, makes it easy to make a mistake like this, and can be hard to spot what’s wrong. Even Oracle say, on the same page:

Note: Oracle does not recommend using quoted identifiers for database object names. These quoted identifiers are accepted by SQL*Plus, but they may not be valid when using other tools that manage database objects.

In you code you appear to be using quotes when you assign sQ, but the output you show doesn’t; but it doesn’t have the saap. schema identifier either. That may be because you’re not running the version of the code you think, but might just have been lost if you retyped the data instead of pasting it – you’re not showing the earlier output of c.cuno either. But it’s also possible you have, say, the case of the column name wrong.

If the execute is throwing the error, you won’t see the command being executed that time around the loop because the debug comes after it – you’re seeing the successful values, not the one that’s breaking. You need to check all the values being returned by the functions; I suspect that g is returning a value for cpgs that actually isn’t a valid column name.

As @ninesided says, showing more information, particularly the full exception message, will help identify what’s wrong.

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