Pandas – Drop function error (label not contained in axis)

You must specify the axis argument. default is axis = 0 which is rows columns is axis = 1.

so this should be your code.

df = df.drop('Max',axis=1)

edit: looking at this piece of code:

df = pd.read_csv('newdata.csv')
df = df.drop('Max')

The code you used does not specify that the first column of the csv file contains the index for the dataframe. Thus pandas creates an index on the fly. This index is purely a numerical one. So your index does not contain “Max”.

try the following:

df = pd.read_csv("newdata.csv",index_col=0)
df = df.drop("Max",axis=0)

This forces pandas to use the first column in the csv file to be used as index. This should mean the code works now.

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