Permalinks for Custom Post Types and Taxonomies

It sounds like you want to create Custom Taxonomies with Pods. This is like creating a new option that you can later add to each item, like adding “Size” as an option to “Shirt”. Then Size would be clickable, and you can see the archives for all similar sizes. This is done with Custom Taxonomies.

  1. In the wordpress backend, go to Pods Admin > Add New, and click Create New
  2. From Content Type drop-down,
    Select ‘Custom Taxonomy (like Categories or Tags)
  3. Enter Single & Plural Label (like Size and Sizes), use Advanced Options if you want to override the Archive Slug and hit Next Step.
  4. Configure Admin UI settings
  5. Configure Advanced Options, Hierarchal for Taxonomies
    like Categories, leave this alone for Tag style taxonomies.
  6. Configure Advanced Options, Associated Post Types to connect your Taxonomies to the Post Types they will organize.
  7. Add any Fields to the Taxonomy under Manage Fields.


Side note: You may not need to have a permalink structure like you have mentioned. Using pods, you could have urls like:

For example:

That page would list all the question posts. And each individual post should have a url like:

This is the default behaviour of Pods. So it may already be doing something close to what you want.