Python NameError, variable ‘not defined’

You need to define the variable “lives” outside of the function main, then any function where you want to reference that global variable you say “global lives.” When you are in a function and assign a value to a variable, it assumes it is in the local scope. using “global lives” tells that function to look to the global scope as the reference of lives.

import random
import time

lives = 10
win = False
guess = 0
rand_num = 45

def main():
    global guess, rand_num, lives, win
    win = False
    rand_num = 45
    lives = 10
    while lives > 0 and win == False:
        guess = int(input("Guess a number!"))
    print("Well done!")

def compare():
    global guess, rand_num, lives, win
    if guess == rand_num:
        print("You guessed correct!")
        win = True
    elif guess > rand_num:
        print ("Guess lower!")
        lives = lives - 1
        print ("Guess higher!")
        lives = lives - 1

def repeat():
    replay = input("would you like to play again? Y/N")
    if replay == "Y":

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