Developing an IP lookup function using an API

You’d have to use add_rewrite_rule so you can capture your desired url match and pass it on query_vars Something like; add_action(‘init’, function() { add_rewrite_rule(‘ip/(.+)/?$’,’index.php?ip_search=$matches[1]’,’top’); }); add_filter( ‘query_vars’, function( $vars ) { $vars[] = ‘ip_search’; return $vars; }); dont forget to flush the rewrite rule once you added your own rule, change the permalink settings back … Read more

Only Admin receives email

Mail sent from WP uses wp_mail() function. There is a filter that you can use before the mail is sent to filter the arguments used in the wp_mail() function, including the $to value. See Look at the example code on that page to get an idea of how to block (or redirect) all mail … Read more