Running a long script in PHP

You can add some settings to your script to reduce count of imported products in one run. The simplest way – add fields like “Import from” and “Imported count”. You can run your script several times playing with “Import from” parameter and import 200 products (for example) per one time.

Auto updating JavaScript dependancy in functions.php

If I understood your question correctly, you have two JavaScript files: ads.js and banner.js. You want the site to load the updated version of both of these files, whenever any of these files are changed. If this understanding is correct, then you may do the following: function my_custom_theme_scripts() { $ads_version = filemtime( get_stylesheet_directory() . ‘/js/ads.js’ … Read more

Renaming the ‘build’ directory generated by @wordpress/scripts for React development

I am writing this answer after testing the suggestion given by @SallyCJ (thank you for pointing me towards the right direction) Writing the following entry into the scripts section of package.json will change both the source and destination of the React code. “scripts”: { “build”: “wp-scripts build –webpack-src-dir=path/to/source/dir/ –output-path=path/to/destination/dir/”, “test”: “echo \”Error: no test specified\” … Read more

Script dependencies generates different outputs

I think the for each loop is a little wonky, if I’m understanding your question, you can try the following.👌 // Generate a list of dependencies for a given handle. function get_deps() { global $wp_scripts; $deps = array(); foreach ( $wp_scripts->registered as $handle => $script ) { if ( in_array( ‘jquery’, $script->deps, true ) ) … Read more

kali php problem [closed]

The use of curly braces ({}) in accessing an array index or string offset was deprecated in PHP 7.4 and later versions. You need to use square brackets ([]) instead. Update the code on line 82 (or there about) in call.php to fix the offending use of {}.