Difference between Chrome Apps and Extensions

Quoting from https://developer.chrome.com/webstore/apps_vs_extensions: We’ve already had the concept of “web apps” in the browser for a few years, as something more rich and interactive than a website, but less cumbersome and monolithic than a desktop application. Examples include games, photo editors, and video players; all of these categories are viable as tightly focused apps running … Read more

Disable developer mode extensions pop up in Chrome

The official way to disable the popup is this: Pack your extension: go to chrome://extensions, check Developer mode and click Pack extension Install the extension by dragging and dropping the .crx file into the chrome://extensions page. You’ll get an “Unsupported extensions disabled” popup if you try restarting Chrome at this point. Then for Windows 7 or Windows 8: Download Chrome group policy templates here Copy [zip]\windows\admx\chrome.admx to c:\windows\policydefinitions Copy [zip]\windows\admx\[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml to c:\windows\policydefinitions\[yourlanguage]\chrome.adml (not c:\windows\[yourlanguage]) … Read more

Where to find extensions installed folder for Google Chrome on Mac?

The default locations of Chrome’s profile directory are defined at http://www.chromium.org/user-experience/user-data-directory. For Chrome on Mac, it’s The actual location can be different, by setting the –user-data-dir=path/to/directory flag.If only one user is registered in Chrome, look in the Default/Extensions subdirectory. Otherwise, look in the <profile user name>/Extensions directory. If that didn’t help, you can always do a custom search. Go to chrome://extensions/, and find out the ID of … Read more

Apps, Extensions and scripts cannot be added from this website

Instead of opening the file, you have to: extract it (crx are zip files), then visit chrome://extensions, enable developer mode, and load unpacked extension. The reason for this is: lots of people try to abuse chrome apps/extensions to install nasty applications to your browser. So Chrome tries to make it impossible to automatically side-load these … Read more

speedtest.net api

speedtest.net is run by Ookla and their Speed Test application. Unfortunately they don’t provide any public APIs for speedtest.net which you could use. Although I doubt either of these meet your needs, they do provide Speed Test Mini and a hosted reporting solution for their full Speed Test software package (which includes CSV exporting capabilities). The reason you’re unable to … Read more