How to iterate (keys, values) in JavaScript?

tl;dr In ECMAScript 2017, just call Object.entries(yourObj). In ECMAScript 2015, it is possible with Maps. In ECMAScript 5, it is not possible. ECMAScript 2017 ECMAScript 2017 introduced a new Object.entries function. You can use this to iterate the object as you wanted. Output ECMAScript 2015 In ECMAScript 2015, there is not Object.entries but you can use Map objects instead and iterate over them …

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List iterator not dereferencable?

Could you have a race-condition? If the list were empty, then I’d expect a problem when trying to dereference begin(), but you check for empty. Do you have another thread adding or removing items from list in parallel? Your code snippets works for me on VS 2008 (assuming I typedef Counted_message_reader to int).

Iterating over dictionary items(), values(), keys() in Python 3

I’m not sure if this is quite an answer to your questions but hopefully it explains a bit about the difference between Python 2 and 3 in this regard. In Python 2, iter(d.keys()) and d.iterkeys() are not quite equivalent, although they will behave the same. In the first, keys() will return a copy of the dictionary’s list of keys and iter will then …

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Iterator for a linkedlist

1) SortedLinkedList extends BasicLinkedList but both have this is wrong. If you want to inherit those field in the sub class, you should mark the variables as protected in the super class and remove them from the subclass. 2) Same goes for private class Node. You are declaring the Node class in both the SortedLinkedList and BasicLinkedList. What you should do is declare …

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Iterator Loop vs index loop

The special thing about iterators is that they provide the glue between algorithms and containers. For generic code, the recommendation would be to use a combination of STL algorithms (e.g. find, sort, remove, copy) etc. that carries out the computation that you have in mind on your data structure (vector, list, map etc.), and to supply that algorithm with iterators into your container. …

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